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The beauty about Italian food is that you will never run out of dishes to cook. Unified Italy only came into being in 1861, so until then, regions cooked according to their particular geography, history and agriculture. Indeed, such is the variety between the cuisines of the North, (with its fondness for cheese, meats, stews, lard and porcini mushrooms) and the South (favouring more oil, fish, seafood, vegetables and pasta), that they would almost appear to originate from two entirely different countries.


 At Ida, we make the most of this rich culinary tradition, trying as far as possible to stick to the seasons, and to the integrity of a dish without resorting to fussy deconstructions. The only thing that we don’t compromise on - ever - is the fresh pasta and gnocchi (always hand-rolled) and the Ragu’ - always prepared the Marchigiano way, with gizzards and hearts.