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Ida is closed for our annual summer break from 27th July - 21st August. See you all after the break and buone ferie!
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Ida's story is now a book!

The story of Ida, its namesake, and the family that built your local Italian restaurant is coming to print!

This is a book for anyone who has ever fantasised about painting a name over a door and creating a refuge of delight for their neighbourhood. And it’s for anyone who sees the beauty in serving the food you have prepared with love for the people you love – as well as the beauty in eating it.

Available for pre-order here!

Out on the 29th August!

About Ida

Ida opened in 2007 in a pretty Grade II listed corner shop in Queens Park. Family-run, by husband and wife team, Avi and Simonetta together with their three children, the dream was to recreate the kind of simple, home-cooked Italian food you might eat at the house of your favourite aunt. Ida’s speciality is fresh pasta and gnocchi, made in-house, as well as regional vegetarian, vegan and fish dishes. At Ida, everything is made fresh every day.

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The restaurant is named after Avi’s mother, Ida, who was born in 1922 in a medieval hilltop town called Cupramontana. The most fastidious and refined of cooks, she could hold a twenty year grudge because a fruittivendolo in Rome once tucked a bruised peach into her shopping. But she had an encyclopaedic knowledge of regional Italian cuisine, always championing simplicity over fussiness and fashion, and most of the food served at Ida is directly based on her recipes.​

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